Private work

Occupational Therapists’ Salaries

OT salaries vary depending on what field you work in, what level of experience you have and what type of responsibility you have and where in the UK you are.
The agenda for change, put in place in 2004 was introduced to harmonise pay and terms and conditions for all NHS workers other than doctors. This saw the end of the basic grade, senior 2, senior 1 type scale and brought in banding. It starts at band 5 for newly qualified OT and goes up. A result of this was that it brought into place even pay for physiotherapists and OT's.

Private Occupational Therapy

While many people are happy to access Occupational Therapy through their local health or local authority services, others wish to access it privately. This means you do not have to be placed on lengthy waiting lists for assessment and if you need an adaptation, another waiting list to have work carried out.

You can access a private occupational therapist yourself, if required please contact us and we will put you in touch with people that can help.