Ask An Occupational Therapy Features

Creating a wheelchair accessible property

The feature demonstrates what can be done to create a high specification home, with adaptations to enable a wheelchair user to be independent.

Moving and Handling

What to do when it is difficult to move a person

Funding adaptations to your home

If you require an adaptation to your home, read this feature to find out how the process works.

Bathing Difficulties

A common difficulty a disabled or elderly person has is accessing their bath. The bathroom is full of risks due to the environmental conditions.

Environmental Design and Dementia

Living, working or caring for a person with dementia can be challenging. Adapting the environment so a person with dementia can make more sense of it is essential.

Mobile Hoist vs Ceiling Track Hoist

A person who is no longer able to safely weight bear is likely to need a hoist to transfer from one place to another. This feature looks at the difference between a mobile hoist and a ceiling track hoist.

Stair Climber

A person with mobility problems could have difficulty climbing stairs. Unfortunately a property with stairs cannot always be adapted to make this easier . A stair climber could be a solution to enable access in and out of a property or within a property when there are no other alternatives.

Solutions to a wheelchair user’s difficulty accessing their bath

This article looks at ways of solving a person’s difficulty accessing washing facilities.

A week in a community OT's life

This feature looks at a typical week of a community OT to give examples of what type of work they may do.