Services can provide or source an Occupational Therapist where required, please use our contact form to get in touch to discuss your indivdual needs.

Activities of daily living

If you have difficulty with any aspect of your daily life, an OT assessment can be carried out to look at these difficulties. Advice can then be given about any techniques, equipment or adaptations that would enable you to carry out these tasks more safely and independently.


There is a lot of equipment on the market for disabled people. Some of it is very useful and some does not live up to expectations. Equipment can be used to enable a person to carry out almost any task from bathing to cooking to being mobile.

Ask an OT can carry out an assessment to determine your exact difficulties and then recommend what equipment would be appropriate to assist.

Moving and handling (clients and carers)

A client who needs assistance to move will need the appropriate equipment as well as carers who have the right training to assist.

An OT can carry out an assessment, make the appropriate recommendations and provide training to the carers involved whether they are formal or not. This will include providing a risk assessment, care plan and any recommendations for equipment or adaptations.


Sometimes a person’s home will need to be adapted to enable them live in it independently. Adaptations can range from minor items such as grab rails, outdoor rails or lever taps to major adaptations such as level access showers or stair lifts or ramps.

Ask an OT can carry out an assessment to determine what adaptations would best meet your needs. Recommendations will be made and specifications drawn up. Ask an OT can then liaise with contractors and architects to ensure the work carried out will be suitable.


Sometimes a person lives in a property that cannot be adapted for various reasons. This means they need to look at new housing. Ask an OT can assess why the current property is not suitable, what the client requires in a property, and write a report about what type of property would be suitable. This can be done for clients living in any sort of accommodation, whether they own it, privately rent or live in a council or housing association property. If it is the latter, the report can be sent into the local authority to support the housing application.

Ask an OT can work with solicitors and case managers to assist for the search of a new suitable property, or a property that has potential for adaptation.