Taxicard Scheme

Taxicard is a scheme that provides subsidised transport for people who have serious mobility impairment and difficulty in using public transport. Taxicard holders make journeys in licensed London taxis and private hires vehicles, and the subsidy applies directly to each trip.

The London Taxicard Scheme is funded by the participating London boroughs and the mayor of London. London Councils Transport and Environment Committee (TEC) manages the London Taxicard Scheme on their behalf.

Your Taxicard can be used anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, subject to taxi and private hire vehicle availability.

London Taxicards are available to people who have serious mobility or visual impairment. This card provides a subsidized fare. It is for people who have difficulty using public transport. A person who holds a taxi card may make journey’s in licensed London taxis and private hire vehicles.

How it works:

You can make 52 trips a year if you hold a freedom pass and 104 without, pro rata.

During the times shown, you pay a flat rate of £2.50 for your journey, up to the fare limit below. Once you exceed the fare limit you can either swipe your taxi card to use another journey or pay the extra fare.

Time of travel

Member Flat Fare

Borough Maximum Subsidy

Fare Limit

From 6am-8pm Mon-Fri




From 9-10pm on Fri,
From 6am-10pm Sat-Sun




From 10pm-6am Mon-Sun




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